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Rio Rancho is the third largest and one of the fastest growing cities in the state of New Mexico. Much of the population growth can be attributed to overflow from nearby Albuquerque, a metropolitan area many developers consider limited in its ability to grow outward to either its east, west or south. Because of this, Rio Rancho - located to Albuquerque’s north - has seen impressive growth over the last few decades, not only in single family residences (SFRs) but also in business and industry. Within Rio Rancho city limits is the Cottonwood Mall, Presbyterian Rust Medical Center, campuses for both the University of New Mexico as well as the College of New Mexico, the Santa Ana Star Arena, Casino and Golf Course, a large multi-use indoor soccer arena as well numerous other middle schools, high schools, stores, parks and churches. Furthermore, major highways such as the 528 and the 550 border the city to its east and provide easy access to both Interstates 25 and 40 and efficient commutes to nearby Albuquerque.

Despite all this development and economic prosperity, however, there are still many areas of Rio Rancho left undeveloped. Because of this, this area is perfect for anyone looking to build a home or start their family on land still affordable to the average buyer. The parcels of land that we’re offering are discounted well below like-type lots in this subdivision and are equally well suited to investors looking to buy and hold or even buy and flip. Many of these lots are located in the path of development, which is to say that while there may not be much around them now, it will likely only be a matter of years before that changes and prices appreciate substantially. Some of these lots are already located in more developed areas and are currently enviable locations to relocate.


At the time of the writing of this listing, we are in escrow with Stewart Title of Albuquerque on each of these 56 lots. Upon completion of the escrow process each one will be insured, and clear and marketable title will be guaranteed to our buyers. Additionally, all currently delinquent taxes will be caught up and a Warranty Deed will be offered on all of these parcels.

Most of these lots are half acres or one acre lots. A small handful are one and a half, two, and two + acres. Because of the way Rio Rancho was originally platted out and subdivided, the vast majority of this area are one acre lots, and nothing larger (such as five or ten acre parcels) exist.

To anyone interested in our selection of properties, we encourage you to use the spreadsheet linked below to research and scout any of our lots. All legal information and GPS coordinates have been provided to help with your research. Additionally we’ve included a Unit Map of the Rio Rancho subdivision as well as all relevant county contact information to help with any zoning and permitting research you need to do prior to purchase.

Anyone interested in reserving one of these lots prior to its debut on our website can click the ‘Reserve Yours Today’ button at the top of this page to place a Non-Refundable $100.00 Hold on the property of their choice. A $250.00 discount will be afforded to any buyer who elects to purchase prior to close of escrow and prior to the property being photographed. The buyer will have the option to close through our title company or through a simple notary close after the property has formally been deeded into our company’s name. Closing through the title company may be beneficial in that aside from the $100 Deposit, we will not receive any of your money until the property is in your name. Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase title insurance with the land. It should be noted, however, that if you do elect to close through the title company, you as the Buyer will be responsible for all closing costs.

Should you have any questions about this type of transaction or the buying process please feel free to contact our offices at 702.919.7170.

UPDATE: As of 12/14/18, properties are beginning to close escrow - slowly and one at a time. Those parcels that have been pre-sold are being prioritized first. Once those have all been bought and re-sold to the buyers who placed deposits, the title company will begin to transfer the other lots. Unfortunately most of these lots will likely not appear on our site until January 2019. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead as these lots begin to appear on our site.

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Disclaimer: While The Hemingway Land Company does extensive research on all our properties prior to listing them, there are always County-specific rules/regulations we will not be aware of. The information provided on this page is, to the best of our knowledge, correct. All prospective buyers, however, are encouraged to contact the county at the links and numbers provided in this table to confirm that whatever plans that buyer has for the property in question are in fact legal, feasible and permitted. Due diligence is the buyer’s responsibility and all sales are final.