Photograph of Hemingway Land Company property


The Hemingway Land Company is a land acquisition and resale firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in raw, vacant and undeveloped land throughout the American West and dedicated to creating affordable buying solutions for our customers. 

Owned and operated by two private investors with over ten year’s experience in residential real estate, The Hemingway Land Company has created a proven system of purchasing large and small parcels of land from both private owners as well as county governments. Because we are able to leverage our significant capital resources to purchase in bulk, this affords us discounts the less sophisticated or more casual buyer would scarcely be able to negotiate. In turn, we are able to pass this savings on to our customers. 

Combining our love for the American West with our insight and experience in real estate investing, it has been the primary goal of The Hemingway Land Company to make land ownership affordable to everyone, independent of credit rating or income. We have a deep commitment to our buyers and to creating deals that work for them no matter the size or cost of their dream property. We have provided this service to everyone from professional investors to outdoor enthusiasts to those simply looking to escape the stress of their congested urban lifestyles. 

So whether you’re looking to establish a wide ranging portfolio of properties or simply acquire one or two as investments for future generations, we look forward to helping you as well. We invite you to take a look at our inventory of properties and to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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