Why is the property so cheap?

Because The Hemingway Land Company purchases properties in very large volume - often directly from the county in which the property is located - we receive reduced rates, the savings for which we are then able to pass on to our buyers at discounted or “wholesale” prices. 

How much are property taxes?

The property taxes are typically current unless otherwise stated and will vary from parcel to parcel. Please see the tax information section in each individual listing or, for further information, contact the Treasurer's office in the county in which the parcel is located.

Are there back taxes or liens associated with the property?

No there are not. One of the guarantees that we make to our buyers is that there are no back taxes or liens associated with the land you're purchasing and at the time of conveyance all taxes are current.

Does the property have utilities?

Unless indicated in the headline or description, the rural properties we represent do not have utilities.  

Are mineral rights included?

Mineral rights are not included unless otherwise stated. The areas that The Hemingway Land Company purchases in, however, have been geologically investigated and nothing of value has been found. Aside from this, it has never been our experience that this has been an issue with any of the properties we have sold.

I want to purchase one of your properties but am curious to know if I can build or do X, Y and Z on the land?

While The Hemingway Land Company does a great deal of research on the properties we buy and sell, our research is typically limited to making sure we can convey clear title and that there are no back taxes or liens associated with the land. Because we can not anticipate every question we may receive, nor can we know all of the zoning ordinances in any given county (much less multiple counties), we always encourage our buyers to go directly to the source and speak to the people who work in either the Planning & Zoning Office or the Assessor’s Office of that specific county. Those offices' websites and contact information are provided on each of our listing pages and will be a far more authoritative source of information about what the county does and does not allow then we ever could be.

What about an RV? Can I park an RV on the property?

Once again, we encourage you to call the county directly and ask them. In most counties an RV can be parked on but not lived in and is only allowed as a temporary living quarters if the land owner is in the process of building a permanent structure. This, however, usually requires the land owner to apply for a Building Permit. It should be noted, however, that many counties grant very lengthy building permits and allow you to renew them for equal periods of time even if you haven’t built anything. Put another way, sometimes a Building Permit is an effective way to permanently park an otherwise unlawful vehicle on the land for indefinite periods of time.

If I call the county to ask them a question, how do I refer to the property so they know where the land is located?

The information provided on each property’s listing page includes the APN Number and Legal Description. Typically when you’re speaking about rural, vacant and undeveloped land you will use one of these to denote the property or its general location.

How do I know where exactly this piece of land is located?

Each of our property’s listing pages will have GPS coordinates signifying the parcel’s exact location. If you click on any of these coordinates it will show you where the property is located on Google Maps. You may then zoom/scroll in and out to get a better sense of its distance from nearby roads, highways, stores or towns.

You claim you own this property, but I just looked online and the County says someone else owns it. What gives?

In any given county government there is a clerk, an assessor and a treasurer and often times it takes a while for all three to update their files accordingly when a property has changed hands and a new person has been recorded as the owner. Typically, because we buy these pieces of land and sell them within ninety days time, it’s not uncommon for our company’s name to never show up in online files. Similarly, many counties only update their records when it’s time to send out the tax statement, which in some cases may be ten months after we’ve acquired the land. While questions about ownership are reasonable and expected, we encourage any interested and/or skeptical buyers to reach out to us for confirmation of ownership. The Hemingway Land Company prides itself on our transparency and will provide copies of the recorded deed for any of our listed properties.

What is the significance of the ‘Recorded Deed’?

The deed is the legal document that proves ownership. The recorded deed is the one that has been recognized by the county. This means it will have a sticker or stamp with county identification on it indicating the Book, Page or Document Number of where this deed can be found in the county’s files.

Are there any properties you won’t have a recorded deed for?

In some situations, such as when we have recently listed a property, we may not yet have the recorded deed back from the county. Because this process normally takes about two weeks, and because we list our properties as soon as we buy them, there are small windows of time in the life of any of our listings in which we simply will not have this document back from the county. Typically, however, we are in possession of that document within a 7 to 10 days of listing.

There are other circumstances, such as when we close through a title company, when we do not receive the recorded deed back until it’s sent to us along with the Owner’s Policy. This could take upwards of a month. In these situations we gladly encourage any skeptical buyers to call the title company through which we purchased the property and inquire with them. In addition, if need be, we can also provide Settlement Statements or whatever documentation was provided to us at closing.

There’s a property I’m interested in which you have marked as ‘Coming Soon.’ It’s been labeled this way for a while. Why is that and when will it debut?

Excellent question and we appreciate you visiting our site often enough to notice this. Generally speaking, if you see a property listed on our site as ‘Coming Soon’ for more than two weeks it’s because some issue arose during escrow which is preventing us from purchasing the land. Typically it’s either because of some obscure lien that the title company has discovered and is attempting to remedy, or because the individual selling to us went on vacation or is unable to sign the closing docs for some indeterminate (and frustrating) period of time. We refer to this period as “escrow hell” and we find ourselves in it more often than we care to be. If you see a property marked ‘Coming Soon’ that genuinely interests you, call our offices and we can discuss what is holding up the property’s debut on our website as well as provide information about the land prior to its eventual listing.

I want to purchase a property, but at checkout it’s saying I can only place $1,000 “Earnest Money Deposit.” Why?

A couple reasons…

In situations where a property is of a particularly high dollar value (say, over $10,000) we encourage our buyers to close through a Title/Escrow company. This company is a third party intermediary who will handle both the drafting and recording of the new deed, along with the money being used to purchase the property. They will also provide other services we believe a buyer should find invaluable such as confirming that we are conveying clear title and offering you the ability to purchase title insurance. Before beginning that process we ask for an Earnest Money Deposit to demonstrate that the buyer is, in fact, serious and committed to purchasing the land.

If a buyer is unconcerned with these matters or simply wants to avoid the time, paperwork and hassle that come with closing through title/escrow, we have the smaller $1,000 deposit because we simply don’t imagine the average buyer will have a credit card that can accommodate high dollar value purchases. And even if the buyer does it’s more than likely the purchase will have to be split over multiple cards. We’d prefer to simply ask for the $1,000 Deposit and then contact the buyer personally to see what payment method works best for them. In many instances, this will be a combination of credit card and cashier’s check.

Finally, on a far more practical level, we request the Earnest Money Deposit instead of the entire purchase price because the company that processes our credit card transactions charges us 3.2% on every payment that goes through our website. While we don’t mind losing 3.2% of $1,000 we do mind losing 3.2% of $50,000.

I want to purchase a property but I don’t trust or own credit cards – what do I do?

Contact our offices and we’ll accommodate whatever purchasing method works best for you. While credit or debit card is the easiest for us, we can accept payment by wire transfer, cashier’s check, PayPal or any number of other financial instruments.

I want to purchase a property but how do I know that this entire website is not actually an elaborate ruse designed to fleece me of my hard earned land-buying money?!

For any potential buyers skeptical of the legitimacy of this operation, we’d encourage you to close through a title/escrow company. This will allow a third party intermediary to handle both the drawing up and recording of the deed as well as your money. We should mention, however, that this will incur additional costs and those costs will be the responsibility of you, the buyer. Similarly, in order to enter escrow there must be a signed Sale/Purchase agreement between Buyer (you) and Seller (us). In the interest of not wasting our time we request a $100.00 down payment before we begin on drafting this contract or hiring the title company.

You keep mentioning closing through a “Title/Escrow Company.” How long does that take?

If you’re a cash buyer with no lender involved it should not take more than two weeks, particularly if we have already closed on the property through the same title company in the last three months. That being said, title companies are notoriously "deliberate" and it's always safe to budget four weeks total to accommodate their methodical nature.

Will you pay for title insurance?

No. We pay for title insurance when we are the Buyer and we expect the same of the people we sell to.

Do I have to deposit the money before I see the contract? Can you draft the contract first so I know what I’m agreeing to before I deposit the money?

No. Experience has taught us never to draft a contract until money has been deposited. If it’s any consolation, however, you should know that our Sale/Purchase Agreements are very simple and straight forward and typically no longer than one page in length. Similarly, if there’s any language in the contract which you’d like amended we will most likely accommodate it unless we believe it places undue financial burden on us.

To review a generic version of one of our standard Sale & Purchase Agreement contracts Click Here

What about a survey? Will you pay for a survey?

No. The properties we sell have been discounted below market value to comfortably accommodate these additional costs for the buyer. Any survey required of the land is the buyer’s responsibility.

What about x, y and z? Will you pay for that?

No. We do not pay for your title insurance, your survey, your perc test, your septic inspection, your well installation, your fence construction or any other costs which would reasonably be viewed as the buyer’s responsibility.

What else can you tell me about the property?

The Hemingway Land Company purchases real property for the sole purpose of re-selling it.  In the interest of transparency, everything we know about each parcel is disclosed in the listing and nothing is withheld. 


Can I tour the property before I buy it?

Yes, in fact we encourage all prospective buyers to visit the property they’re interested in prior to purchase. We understand that not all buyers are able to do this and this is why we provide photos taken from each property we list along with – in some cases – drone videos. In the absence of being able to physically walk the land prior to purchase, reviewing these photos and videos can be an excellent way to gain insight into what the property, its terrain and surroundings are like.

Will a representative from your office be able to show me the property?

No. We do not have staff in most of the areas we buy in nor do we employ realtors. Anyone interested in scouting a property is encouraged to, but they will have to use a smart phone and the GPS coordinates provided on the individual listing page to accomplish this. Because of this, we highly recommend studying the property’s location on Google Maps prior to scouting.

When I do business I like to look a person in the eye. I want you to make yourself available to show me the land.

As our offices are in Las Vegas, Nevada, unless you’re willing to pay for our airfare, rental car and hotel accommodations it’s unlikely we’ll be able to meet you to show you the property. Similarly, if we were able to show you the land we likely would not be able to provide any answers about the property that aren’t already provided on the property’s listing page.

We too enjoy the ability to look a person in the eye and handle business face to face. In this modern world, however, everything needed to accomplish one of these transactions can be done from the comfort of your own home via phone, fax and email. This is especially true if you’re closing through a title company. We buy and sell hundreds of properties each year and rarely ever meet one of the people we’re buying from or selling to. The efficiency of this business model, combined with the low overhead, allows us to pass the savings on to you, the buyer.

Can you hold a property for me?

The fee to place a “hold” on a property is $100/week. This $100 will be applied to your purchase if you buy the property, but is otherwise non-refundable. If you're interested in placing a hold on one of our properties, we encourage you to contact our office directly and speak to a representative as a special payment form will need to be created and sent to you privately in an email.

Can I buy land in my son or daughter’s name?

You may. One of the advantageous things about transferring land in the US is that the buyer does not have to sign. The seller signs as the ‘Grantor’ granting the property to the ‘Grantee’, or receiver of the grant. A child not of age to sign legally binding contracts does not need to sign to receive or take ownership of land.  

Do you own any other property in the area or right next door?

 While it’s unlikely that whatever subject property you’re considering purchasing will have a neighboring parcel also available in our inventory at the same time you’re looking to purchase the first property, The Hemingway Land Company is always willing and eager to work with our buyers to accommodate whatever land-related needs they may have. It is not uncommon for buyers to call our office requesting specific acreage in precise geographic areas. It is also not uncommon for our Company to search out and identify the names and mailing addresses of the owners of neighboring property. This can be helpful should a buyer want to contact the owners directly, whether it be to make an offer to purchase said property or even to gain better access to the subject property.

If I am not an American citizen may I still buy land from you?

Yes, American land can be bought by anyone who is not subject to American trade restrictions like citizens of North Korea, Myanmar, or a small handful of other countries.

Will I need an attorney or real estate agent?

 While The Hemingway Land Company would never discourage anyone from seeking proper legal counsel, we have gone through great effort to simplify the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. Furthermore, land acquisition and resale is not typically a heady or paperwork intensive process and rarely does it involve more than a notary. In fact in our experience, the participation of an agent or attorney is the exception and not the rule when it comes to legally conveying rural vacant land from one party to another. This is yet another reason why our prices are so low.

All this being said, if a buyer feels more comfortable having a professional review the contracts under which they purchase one of our properties, we would never object.

How does the sale process work?

On cash purchases of properties under $10,000 - or properties which are purchased through our website - you tell us how you want the deed titled, and what mailing address you will want for the deed and taxes. Once the purchase price is paid in full, The Hemingway Land Company will prepare, sign, and notarize a Special Warranty Deed or other acceptable high quality deed to officially transfer ownership to you. We will then have it notarized and sent via certified mail to the county to be recorded. Once the county has recorded the deed it will forward the recorded copy along to you.

On purchases over $10,000 - or properties which are being funded and closed on through title/escrow - we ask for $1,000 Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit to de-list the property, draft the appropriate Sale And Purchase Agreements, and initiate escrow. This process will take a little longer but will allow the buyer to safely escrow their funds while the title company researches the property to make sure that we can, in fact, convey clear title and sell the property to you absent any liens or encumbrances. Similarly, the title company will also be responsible for drafting the new deed and facilitating the transaction. This will take a few extra weeks but is generally encouraged because of the peace of mind it provides you, The Buyer.

For more information about this process see our 'Buying From Us' page.

How long does it take for me to get my deed?

Because The Hemingway Land Company records the new deed for our buyers (and hence, eliminates the extra expense and hassle of recording) this means that the deed must first be mailed to the County Clerk or Recorder's Office. Once it has been recorded it is then forwarded on to the buyer by a representative of that county's office. From start to finish this process usually takes about three weeks though it's not uncommon for the Clerk's office to mail it back to us by mistake. In this circumstance we will immediately forward it on to our buyers after notifying them by e-mail of the mix up.

I placed $1,000 Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit on a property and now I’ve changed my mind and would like my $1,000 Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit back. Will you issue a refund?

No. It’s Non-Refundable for a reason. Once you place a deposit on a property we de-list that property from our website as well as all other land listing sites on the internet. We draft contracts, we open escrow and we notify other buyers that the land has been sold. This takes an inordinate amount of time and effort and we do not give that over freely. This is one of the reasons the Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit is set at $1,000, so as buyers will do their own research and exercise an appropriate degree of caution before initiating the transaction. Only if we are unable to fulfill the terms of the agreement and convey the property to you with clear and marketable title will we refund the otherwise Non-Refundable Deposit.


Do You Offer Financing On This Property?

Generally speaking, unless it’s indicated on the specific property’s listing page, we do not finance land or enter into agreements where someone pays off the balance of the property slowly over months or years. Unless a buyer can put down 50% of the purchase price up front, we typically can’t afford to entertain the discussion.

All this being said, there are plenty of resources online where you can obtain funding for purchases such as this. We discuss some of these options on our Financing page and would encourage anyone interested in learning more about these options to read that page and visit the websites we recommend there.

I Can Afford The 50% Deposit. What Terms Will You Give Me?

 What terms do you want? Like most things in business, this is open to negotiation, particularly if you can afford the considerable down payment. If you’re willing to meet that requirement, we can be flexible on a lot of the other points such as monthly payment, duration and interest rate. All this being said, it should be understood that as with purchasing a home or a car, paying the balance slowly over time will mean that you are paying more in the long run. To discuss this in specific detail, it’s best to call our offices and talk with a member of our team about whichever property interests you. Hopefully we’ll be able to devise a payment plan and terms that work well for both parties.

If I purchase a property on Terms, when do I become the owner as listed on the deed?

In a payment plan, once a buyer makes a down payment, The Hemingway Land Company will sign a land contract with that buyer which spells out the monthly payment and terms. The property is then the buyer’s to use and the Land Contract is the legal agreement which demonstrate's the buyer's equitable interest in the property. Only when the property is paid in full will The Hemingway Land Company deed the property into the buyer's name.

May I use multiple credit cards to buy land?

You may. As our listing pages have very specific payment forms associated with them, however, it is important that if you are spreading your purchase out over one or more credit cards that you contact our offices to arrange for the special payment forms to be created.

Do you have any questions we didn’t answer?

Contact our offices here.