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Seller's Disclosure

In the interest of transparency, the following disclosures are made to better acquaint potential buyers with how The Hemingway Land Company does business. Anyone interested in purchasing property from us is advised to read the following:

  • The Managers of Hemingway Land Dot Com are neither Realtors nor Brokers. All properties listed on this site are owned by our company and are listed here 'For Sale By Owner.'
  • All properties listed for sale on Hemingway Land Dot Com are purchased 'as is' and are sold 'as is.'
  • All properties are sold free and clear of encumbrances and liens. For properties we have purchased through title/escrow, we will provide our buyers with a Warranty Deed. For those we have not received title insurance on but whose title history we have otherwise investigated to our satisfaction, we will convey with a Special Warranty Deed. Each property's listing page will indicate the conveyance document we intend to provide that property's buyer at the time of sale.
  • Unless stated in the specific listing page, Mineral Rights are not included with the properties that we sell. Most Mineral Rights were secured by developers or oil and gas interests years prior to our acquisition of the land. The Managers of Hemingway Land do not maintain any mineral rights over the properties we sell.
  • The Managers of Hemingway Land Dot Com pay the taxes on listed properties either when we purchase the land, or when we receive the county tax statements each fall. Whatever taxes have not been paid or are still owed on the land will be paid at the time of conveyance.
  • After purchasing property from Hemingway Land Dot Com, all future property taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer, whether they receive the annual notice or not.
  • All of the information provided on our listing pages is, to the best of our knowledge, correct and we do our best to provide information on each property that is as accurate as possible. All property and legal information comes from software that compiles its data from county records. All zoning information comes from conversations with local zoning officials or is lifted directly from zoning ordinance documentation on county websites. 
  • Each property is subject to various restrictions, whether they be county zoning ordinances, state building codes, environmental laws, or covenants created when the land was first subdivided. While we do our best to represent these properties as accurately as possible and to make our buyers aware of any potential constraints they may be subject to, our research will always be limited. Because of this, all potential buyers are encouraged to contact whatever city, county or state authorities have jurisdiction over the land and inquire with them as to the viability of their plans.
  • All buyers are encouraged, whenever possible, to scout the desired property prior to purchase. Buyers who cannot scout the properties are encouraged to review the photo and video galleries provided on each listing page.
  • All photography and video images of the land provided on the listing pages are from the properties themselves unless otherwise stated.
  • In most all cases, the Managers of Hemingway Land have never personally seen or visited any of the properties listed on our site. First hand reports of the conditions of the land and proximity to utilities, as well as other relevant information, come from detailed reports supplied by our photographers after they have scouted and photographed the property.
  • Unless stated in the listing, the properties we sell have not been staked or surveyed by our company. In the history of the land, they may have been staked or surveyed and some may even have boundary markers still in place. Hemingway Land Dot Com, however, does not guarantee this to our buyers and encourages anyone buying land from us to get the property professionally surveyed after purchase.
  • The GPS coordinates provided on the listing pages come from software which pulls its information from county records. While these coordinates are reliable and can be used to locate the subject property, they are ultimately just a guide to find the land and roughly approximate its boundaries. Anyone looking to construct a home or a fence is encouraged to first employ a surveyor to determine exactly where the property begins and ends.
  • Due diligence is the buyer's responsibility and all sales are final.

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