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Sitting just outside Albuquerque, this charming one acre lot will afford its owner the opportunity to be close to all the great nightlife, concerts, events, casinos, museums and national parks that surround the metro area while still providing the type of privacy not typical of the big city. In fact, one of the great benefits of owning a lot like this is that it sits in a still underdeveloped portion of Rio Rancho. With more and more Americans migrating to the sun belt every year, the Albuquerque Metro area is only going to expand with an ever growing need for land and housing to accommodate this upwardly mobile population. Owning a lot in a still growing section of the city affords the buyer - especially at this price - the ability to purchase low then sit back and watch as values appreciate.

Things To Know:
  • The Rio Rancho Estates Subdivision was created and platted out in the 1950's. When this was done the developer bought up thousands of acres and subdivided most all into one acre lots, meaning that in the thousands of acres that comprise this subdivision there are very few lots larger in size than one acre. This two acre lot itself is in fact two adjacent one acre lots and it is incredibly rare to find anything even this large within the entirety of the subdivision. This means that owning this two acre lot will guarantee you 100% more land than 99% of the people living in Rio Rancho Estates.

  • This property is located on 36th Street NW between 4th Ave NW and Golondria Road NW and sits just north of Sandia Boulevard, a major arterial that crosses the entirety of Rio Rancho from east to west.

  • The subject property slopes to its north. At its southern most end, you will be positioned higher than the neighbors with expansive views of the still unsettled valley. This lot is still very removed from the more developed parts of the subdivision and will afford its owner great privacy for years to come.

Reference NumberSNNM-0014B
LocationSandoval County, New Mexico
Lot Size1.1 Acre
Available FinancingClick Here To Read About Financing Options
Legal DescriptionRIO RANCHO ESTATES UNIT 2, BLOCK 48, LOT 77
Parcel Number1003070055465
Account NumberR047266
Latitude-LongitudeCenter 35.274049 -106.848585
NW 35.2741959066143 -106.849421249058
NE 35.2742025390003 -106.848081148642
SW 35.2740572558379 -106.849420227548
SE 35.2733554845366 -106.848074922028
Annual Taxes$18.80
ZoningRural-Residential PDF
AccessDirt Road
PowerSolar or Alternative
WaterNearby Bulk Fill Station (Link)
Elevation 6,148 ft
Conveyance DocumentSpecial Warranty Deed
Type of ClosingNotary Close
Doc Prep Fee$150.00
Nearby TownsAlbuquerque: miles
Los Lunas: miles
Santa Fe: miles
Taos: miles
Points Of InterestThings To Do In Albuquerque (Link)
 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (Link)
 Cottonwood Mall (Link)
 Santa Ana Star Casino (Link)
 Santa Ana Star Golf Club (Link)
 Santa Ana Star Center (Link)
 Del Norte Gun Club (Link)
 Jemez Springs Attractions (Link)
 Jemez Hot Springs (Link)
 Jemez Mountain Trail & State Monument (Link)
County Contact InfoSandoval County Assessor's Office (505) 867-7562
  Sandoval County Planning & Zoning (505) 867-7628
  City Government of Rio Rancho (505) 891-5000
  Sandoval County GIS (505) 867-7628
  New Mexico Environmental Department (505) 827-2855
  Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (Link)
  Sandoval County Zoning Map (Link)
  New Mexico State Engineer 1-800-WATERNM
  Well Drilling Info
  Well Drilling Permit Application

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